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We are an online store for non traditional undergarments. We dedicate ourselves to creating a product for women of different shapes, size and skin color. NIPPPY encourages everyone to feel comfortable & confident in their own skin. Now, who's ready to make the switch into nontraditional style of undergarments without sacrificing style and comfort?

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Amazing! Exactly what i wanted!  I can wear my favorite dresses and shirts, and NOT worry about how to make a bra work with thin fabric, backless styles, creative cutouts, or deep Vs. I love these covers.


I live where it is very hot especially in the summer. I also have problems with the back clasp on bras bothering me. This was my solution. Since I can go bra-less with my tops, this fit the bill so my nipples don't show. 

Brittney P.

These never fail to please. They do last a long time. Best bang for the buck AND LOVE the box case!!!!! 10 out of 10 will buy again

Shanelle C.
nipppy nipple cover

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